Belgravia Haunted Mansion

Are you Brave Enough

A Brief History Behind The Madness


WE will not having Belgravia Haunted Mansion this year. Thank you for your patronage. We are working on some big things to bring to you in 2016. 

Welcome to Belgravia Haunted Mansion. Built in the 1800's, this house has a lot of history and many inhabitants have lived and died among these very walls.

Originally designed by a man named James Cox; this house was hand crafted in Belgravia Square in London to fit his every desire, but little did he know his dream home would soon become his nightmare and eventually his final resting place at the hands of a love gone wrong.Some say you can hear the cries and light footsteps of lonesome souls echoing through the dark hallways at night. Once a year Belgravia Mansion opens up it's doors to let the spirits taste the cold of the coming winter's air in an effort to keep them at bay for yet another year.

Do you believe in ghosts? Let the spirits of Belgravia Haunted Mansion give you a Halloween of a lifetime and an experience you won't soon forget. Feel free to float through our site and find out more about this modern day crypt.